Trademark Search

Prior mark search is a process of identifying prior use of the mark before the date of trademark or usage. Trademark Registry facilitates the public search by tradename and classification details. Trademark search will enable applicant to finalize the Mark. Public Search will give an idea about the existing Mark having similarities with the proposed mark of an applicant.

Trademark Filing and Prosecution

Trademark filling is the process of submitting necessary details to trademark registry with supporting evidence of its prior usage if any. Upon submission, each mark is examined against criteria for granting trademark. Subject to clearance from Trademark Registry post filling of Trademark Application, the mark will be published in the official journal. Proprietor with Registered Mark can oppose the Trademark if it is found similar and can cause confusion on the part of the public.

Trademark Opposition

Once trademark application is filed, it is published so as to acquaint third parties. Opposition is a process wherein an interested third-party files application so as to not grant trademark. This procedure can used to counter unauthorized or similar protection by third party.

Trademark Infringement Watch

Trademark infringement watch is a process of monitoring any unauthorized usage of existing trademark registered by client. It also includes publications, monitoring prosecution of pending trademark, monitoring post grant activity and so on.

Trademark Valuation

Trademark is a form of intellectual property which can be bought, sold, licensed and so on. Trademark valuation is a process of valuing trademark in monetary terms considering varies factors like Classification, Usage, Type, Geography, well known mark, deals of related trademark etc. Since it is intangible property, trademark valuation is also done for the preparation of annual financial statements.

Trademark Licensing / Acquisition

Trademark is a intellectual property rights and it can be acquired, sold or licensed to any person or organization similar to other tangible form properties. Trademark licensing is a process of assigning trademark right in specific country either exclusively or non-exclusively in return of fixed payment or periodic royalties or both. Rights assigned to each trademark in each country are separate rights and person may selectively choose to retain or sell them accordingly. Trademark acquisition is a process of buying a trademark so as to strengthen product portfolio coverage and gain extended monopoly.