About Us

Factsdrive Innovation LLP is an innovation consulting firm with primary vision of creating and nurturing science driven businesses. Focusing on empowering intellectual property driven businesses, Factsdrive Innovation LLP actively promotes innovation through structured approach and advanced modelling.

With core tenets of hypothesis-based brainstorming and facts driven approach, Factsdrive Innovation LLP supports creating innovative product and services that aligns corporate goals. Our insights are designed through integrated analysis of science, patenting, commercials, feasibility, quality, safety and so on. Gap due diligence with broad emphasis on end-to-end concept to commercialization, business model alignment and collaborative research helps to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions.

At Factsdrive Innovation LLP, we believe each assignment has case specific challenges and are managed by geographically and technically diverse team. Our expert team with comprehensive technical experience, advanced tools and innovative methodologies create strategies for efficient execution of an innovative concept. Execution is accomplished with strategy-specific in-house models and live databases.

Advanced business intelligence, product portfolio management and licensing assessment facilitates to dispense comprehensively evaluated solutions.

Global patenting support is provided through its associates in all major geographies. Paralegal patenting support services are providing to assist patent attorneys and client with well-reasoned strategies cost.