Prior art search

Prior art is any evidence that your invention is in public domain. It can be in a form of marketed product, published literature, recording and so on. Prior art search is a process of identifying any disclosure before the date of first filing of patent which includes published or unpublished, patent or non-patent literature. These searches are performed before patent filing so as to evaluate feasibility of patent grant. It is also performed to evaluated validity of any third party’s granted patent or pending third party patent application.

Patent landscape reports

Patent landscape reports are summaries enlisting all the patents and application related to the technology under evaluation which are filed globally or within specific country. Patent landscape report are prepared to understand state of art related to ongoing research. All new product or process development are performed in sync with existing literature.

White space analysis

White space analysis is the process of identifying patent density within subclass of the technology under development. It helps to identify areas where in new research can be done.

Patent drafting, filing, prosecution

Patenting process involves drafting of specification, claims, examples, drawing and so on. Once drafted, patent filing is initiated in compliance with patent law. Prosecution is a process of overcoming examiner rejections and managing other procedural requirement to get patent granted.

Design filing and prosecution

Design can be filed as patent or trademark or as both, depending on the nature and technical aspects involved into the design. After filing, successful prosecution of the same is required to get it registered at the respective patent office or authorities.

PCT and international filing

PCT (Patent co-operation treaty) application, also known as international filing, is an application which allows filing of patent application into different countries with extended timeline. PCT/international application are not granted. PCT application are examined for prior art search by international search authority upon request from applicant.

Patent optimization

Patent optimization is a process of evaluating already filed patent application for any errors related to claims drafting, examiner rejection and so on.

Freedom to operate summaries

Patent gives right to prevent others from making, using, selling, importing, offer to sale, etc. Any product placed in the market needs to be evaluated against third party patents and needs to be designed accordingly. Freedom to operate summaries are reports covering evaluation of proposed product against current patent landscape.

Design around strategies

Design around strategies is the report covering possible option against current patent landscape.

Patent Opposition

Once patent application is filed, it is published so as to acquaint third parties. Opposition is a process wherein an interested third-party files application so as to not grant patent or make granted patent void. Rules, timelines and availability related to pre-grant and post grant process are different and needs to address accordingly

Patent Litigation support

Patent litigation support provides formation of key litigation strategies to have the best possible legal position based on facts, legal principles and precedents. This also covers the para-legal support to the ongoing litigation to design best-case scenario and probable favorable litigation outcome. They are designed to support and brief litigating patent attorney with scientific briefing.

Patent watch

Patent watch is a process of monitoring ongoing research work of relevant industry. These includes publications, monitoring prosecution of pending patent, monitoring post grant activity and so on.

Infringement watch

Infringement watch is a process of identifying possible infringer of any granted patent or group of patents related to technology.

Patent bench marking analysis

It is the process of accessing organization’s position compared to its competitor with the help of various performance matrix.

Patent licensing and monetization

Patent is a intellectual property rights and it can be acquired, sold or licensed to any person or organization similar to other tangible form properties. Patent licensing is a process of assigning patent right in specific country either exclusively or non-exclusively in return of fixed payment or periodic royalties or both. Rights assigned to single invention is each country are separate rights and person may selectively choose to retain or sell them accordingly.

Patent Valuation

Patent is a form of intellectual property which can be bought, sold, licensed and so on. Patent valuation is a process of valuing patent in monetary terms considering varies factors like market value of technology, deals of related patents etc. Since it is intangible property, patent valuation is also done for the preparation of annual financial statements.

Patent Acquisition

Patent acquisition is a process of buying a patent or patent portfolio so as to strengthen patent portfolio coverage and gain extended monopoly.

Patent Training

Patent training includes both basic and advance level training with case studies and examples

Patent funding

Patent funding is to provide financial support to small inventors, small corporates so as to get extended coverage and monetization of their patent portfolio.