Innovation is a creative process of conceptualizing, researching and protecting innovative solution to a existing technological problem.

In house support

New product screening

New product screening is a process of identifying technological gaps and problem statement through evaluation business and sector affecting factors by extensive screening of technology, market, financial and other aspects.

New product development

New product development strategies is a process of identifying solutions through design thinking, experimenting, analyzing and shortlisting viable opportunities.

Scientific trouble-shooting

Scientific trouble-shooting is a process of resolving key manufacturing and other inhouse products or process related issues through scientific exploration.

Collaborative research

Ideation by collaboration with private or university research centers which includes idea execution support and prototype creation. It is a process of outsourcing innovation activities for innovative organizations with less or no infrastructure.

Public private partnership

Public private partnership is a collaborative research association between government funded research organization and private organization. Government funded research centers with excellent research infrastructure can be most cost-effective association for overcoming innovation infrastructure gaps.